HighPass, a new professional audio equipment distributor that opened its doors in April 2016 is located in Fleurus, in the center of Belgium about 50km south of Brussels. The business has been a long time in the making, which began eight years ago. After much hard work and dedication, this project has finally come to fruition. 

Purchasing the perfect audio equipment can be very challenging. Especially when considering the financial aspect, it usually means a long-term investment. Hence choosing the right equipment will be a process in itself. To help you in that process, we provide for you a “Showroom Control Room”  (by appointment only). In this Showroom Control Room you have the opportunity to try and compare studio monitors, microphones and most audio equipment in a professional and friendly setting. As needed, we can help and guide you in the right direction to meet all of your needs.

Our real desire is to make HighPass the best, both in service and quality. We hold to the fact that a good variety of products, from commercial to custom “boutique” equipment, are a must! With that in mind, our large and diversified selection of products will serve a wider range of customers and meet more specific needs of our guests. Each brand had been hand picked following specific criteria, such as reliability and the best bang for your buck.  Even our Asian products must fulfill the same criteria and we make sure that their reliability has been proven. There is something for everyone, every taste, and every budget. In other words, each item we chose to put in our catalogue has its place and a reason to be there.

As a distributor, we know our role and have no desire to replace or take business from the stores we supply. On this note, we will not sell other brands than the ones that appear in our catalogue. Also, the “commercial” products that we carry are only available at our partners’ locations. Lastly our status of exclusive representative for the Benelux territory will allow for more stable prices, which is our desire. With our network of committed sales people and experts in the field, HighPass’ desire is to be the place to go to when it comes to distribution and is already one of the most renowned distributors of the brands we represent. We make it a priority to incorporate our passion re all things music in all that we do in order to satisfy our clients in this constantly evolving business.

At HighPass, we have more than just the price to present to you. As specialized consultants, each member of our team holds the same vision regarding financial, technical and marketing points of view. Each team member has electronics training, sound engineering background, musical and MAO specialist training as well. From our accountants to our sales team, our office assistants to our computer consultants, each one of us bring to the team 10 to 20 years of experience. Don’t be fooled, even though HighPass is relatively young, our representatives are not beginners.  

Bernard Hallet
After graduating from the “Institut des Arts de Diffusion” (IAD), Bernard re-focused his career in broadcast. Specialized in miking, post production for short films, fiction and documentaries, he evolved into TV capture and sound mixing for several live and studio recordings. RTL-TVI, RTBF, CANAL+ are some of the companies that he has worked with and he also has several out of country references like M6, ZDF and RAI. Passionate with computers, his skills in this field have been very useful when he needed to work in digital audio. It has been a smooth transition for him to work as a problem solving and technology consultant at High Pass.

 Cris Badea
Two years before graduating from Haute Ecole Technique of Heerlen, Cris had already founded his company developing and building synthesizers and interfaces. His company continued business for 8 years. At the time he was already a distributor for brands that today are famous and also worked on maintaining this equipment. When graduating, he started working for Synthax (now called AUDIO AG). He represented brands such as RME and ALVA in the Benelux region. For 10 years, Cris climbed the ladder and became sales director. Having always worked in the audio equipment and electronic music instrument sales field, his knowledge of said products and reputation is excellent. Cris is also our guy to go to when our Dutch-speaking friends need to contact us.

Luc Vigneron
Graduated from Université du Travail in Charleroi with a specialty in electronics, Luc also is a passionate brass musician. He received the “Médaille du Gouvernment” (a government award) after 12 years of training in classical jazz music. Both electronic and music lead him to start his sound engineer quest. When he graduated from the SAE in Paris as a sound engineer, he started working for a distributor who is still well known today. After 10 months in the United States, Luc worked as a sound engineer and owned a high-end recording studio, which gave him lots of experience. His 20 years of experience makes him a great person to help you, and here at HighPass, he is the main contact for recording studios.

HighPass is always opened to new opportunities. We are happy to widen our horizons and add new partners to our network of already growing innovative companies offering passionate and qualified personnel. If you would like to join our team or become an official dealer for prestigious brands, if you make or service equipment and you think that you have a role to play with us, then don’t wait and contact us immediately.